TimeMan provides software solutions on different platforms. Two examples of by TimeMan developed solutions are presented below. 

Time registration system

The TimeMan Cloud Computing Application system is the most user friendly method for registration of the billable and un-billable hours. Regular Systems do have an unfriendly user interface or are an additional part of a CRM system. TimeMan is build with the user experience as the most important design aspect. With just a mobile phone and a web browser the registration is done in a blink 

If you are looking for a system that provides:

  • user friendly interface
  • access everywhere and always
  • automatic backup and maintenance
  • web based access
  • an optional note field for every entry
  • a consistent custom defined company list with all the projects/files and where users only works with a relevant subset
  • a consistent custom defined company list with all the activities/tasks and where a user only works with a subsetĀ 
  • clear report generation for invoicing, WBSO reporting or efficiency analysis
  • less time for registration and therefore more time for core activities

then use TimeMan for your Time registration.

The TimeMan application can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements.
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