TimeMan can provide various services. These services are based on experience in Semiconductors industries, Analog and Mixed mode IC design, Analog and digital product design and various software development projects. 
These services provide a creative innovative robust high quality solution for every customer.

Semiconductor related services

  • Project management, consultancy
  • Analog and Mixed-mode IC design and verification
  • Architectural and feasibility study
  • Testing and evaluation 
  • New business development

Hardware related services

  • LoRa/ISM/WIFI/IOT hardware and software development
  • Low power sensor and actuator development
  • Solar powered hardware development
  • Secure data communication development 
  • cloud based backend application development
  • Project management, consultancy

Software related services

  • PHP / MySQL/postgreSQL / JS / Python software development
  • Microcontroller embedded software development
  • Web based dashboard development 
  • Application development
  • Secure server development
  • Project management, consultancy

Research and prototype services

  • ASIC design for sustainable energy harvesting solutions
  • Hardware and software proof of concept/MVP development
  • Optical and machine vision sensor development
  • 3D design, 3D printing, rendering, animation and rapid prototyping
  • Concentrated Solar Power control system innovation research